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Tutorial 004

Hiya! This tutorial was requested by sternchenmary and although it's for this base, it works well with most bases and more examples of this colouring are in this post.

I hope this is helpful. Remember not to copy this exactly, alterations to the opacities of layers and the number of screen layers will make a big difference depending on the base image used.

Image hosting by Photobucket

EDIT: It doesn't work very well like this, but if you put the different sections in different boxes, like so:

"I do the first screen layers in one box thing
Then Copy All and Paste it in a new 100x 100 box and do all the colouring to it and Copy All and Paste it back into the original box, set it to Softlight
Then go back and delete the original screen layers."

Then it seems to work. This is for the last part and makes it easier to do the colouring for large batches etc.

Sorry for any confusion


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