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Green Wing + HP

  • Green Wing

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  • Harry Potter PoA

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Trio Wallpaper: 1024x768

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Snape Wallpaper: 1024x768


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Beautiful icons!

Taking some of the Green Wing ones - and will credit
Thank you very much!

Deleted comment

Thanks. I love Green Wing so much!! ♥
This Trio Wallpaper is gorgeous! Took it, thank you :)
Thank you very much!! ♥ I'm glad you like it
I ♥ the trio wallpaper! It's beautiful! =D Do you have the picture frame perhaps, I've been searching for a good frame. And, what is th font?
Thank you!! ♥ The font is called "Plain Black" (you can get it off and I actually googled the frame, which is actually a mirror =), and the link is here

Deleted comment

Ok! ♥
omg. love them, especially the "nothing happened" and "everything happened" (I was expecting a bit more than a kiss to be honest. those GW writers better make it up to me) and also YAY! Tis the 'make your own kind of music' song from Lost!!!
Thanks! I know! Just a kiss shown pssssh... cheap

Lost song! I love it, I'm so sad that I downloaded it after watching it... =( oh well!! Soooo good ♥


11 years ago


11 years ago

love the wallpapers! and great icons =P
Thank you very much!! ♥
Love the HP stuff, especially the Trio wallpaper!
Thank you very much!! ♥

- Holly deleted the message NOW SHE MUST DIE.
- Guy actually really, you know, loves Caroline. I absolutely thought he just wanted to sleep with her, but... wow. He actually has a heart. And when he was watching her back because she was going through a tough time, and... argh I love Guy! He's gone all nice!

Also, that scene with the keyboards is just the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time. "You've got a ginger chiiiild..." When he made it do the little fanfare... and then he got another one out and I just died. XD

Mac was so useless this episode! Well obviously he must be going through awful emotional turmoil and all that but... he let Caroline go! And he shouldn't do that.

Ummmm sorry, < /gw ramble>
Heheh I know! I thought the time had come to make them...

Holly is evil!! I wish she had died, not who ever that was....grrr. I love Guy so much more this series, he so loves Caroline, so much, so cute!! And when he threw that pen knife in the psychologist's head...ew

The keyboard scene! That was so utterly hilarious, made even funnier by the fact that keyboards do play those awful tunes and in music everyone used to try and play them and get told off hehe

Mac had better come back to greatness you know! He was a bit rubbish, he didn't do much. I hate how they're just focusing on some characters, liek there was hardly any Sue White or Boyce at all, but it's so funny that it makes up for it!! Oh I love Green Wing!!

on another note: Doctor Who!!! OMG those clockwork things were creepy + the horse thing was genius ♥ oh dear....


11 years ago


11 years ago

im in LOVE with the icons. IN LOVE i say!
and those backgrounds...i can't decide which is my favourite.
The words on each are so SO so fitting.

Awww thank you very much, you're too kind!! =D

You've made me very happy now ♥
Green wing icons!! OMG!
Very pretty, may come back and gack some later
Thanks!! ♥
Very late question but something I just realised I was going to ask you.

How did you make GW icons 2 and 3 - the black and white kind of fading into just whiteness in the background. (I'm so good at describing what I'm trying to say...) Generally I think that what I mean is that I tried to make black and white icons a while ago and they didn't work at all. Do you do something special to them?

(Most incoherent comment EVER)
Not that incoherent, I can understand what you mean.

Umm I dunno what you have on gimp, but I basically used Hard Light blend mode and played around with the brightness/contrast. I think I also put a white box thing over part of the background on normal. That makes it look whiter cos it jkust hides unwanted background stuff. I hope that makes sense...

Oh yeah, can you send me the pics from friday somehow please? ♥ T'was so fun ;D


11 years ago


11 years ago